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How to build a narrative that makes sense and is engaging for your client?

Have you noticed that some of your customers and prospects may be reticent or resistant to adopting your solution? Have you taken the time to build a story or narrative where he can "see himself" within the new context? This we call "building the customer journey". Solutions that are well positioned, accepted and implemented in customers, had the vision of this shared narrative at some point in the sales process. Our proposition for you and your team is to develop the ability to create this fundamental piece for successful positioning and sales. Many complex sales need to have a phase in the sales process where the customer can clearly see what will happen to them and the users who are going to use their solution or service.  One of the mistakes of the companies is that they understand that this narrative must always be positive, without problems of implementation, training, adoption, etc. In the “excitement, enthusiasm or no pressure of goals” only good things are counted. In the sales culture, the idea was created that it is always necessary to tell a beautiful and charming story. But the way the human being engages and identifies with a narrative has a well-defined sequence and part of that sequence describes problems, frustrations and setbacks before reaching the happy outcome.


Anthropologist Joseph Campbell described this sequence as the hero's journey (also called a monomyth)

Over the years we realized that this sequence can and should be adopted for the sale / acceptance of a solution. So we create content where you and your company will be able to create your hero journey for your client, making your prospects clearly understand what you are proposing, with all the good parts and the parts that will require effort, so that he can have a clear view of what are the roadblocks and especially that the reward is worth it. Don't get carried away by the common sense that says you should just tell your customers great things. A little sincerity makes him trust his narrative much more. In this workshop we give examples of real cases and how you should create your narrative. The results are incredible, especially if your customer is resistant to something you offer and knows in fact that it is the best solution for them.


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