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The Katalyse Project was born from the observation of the lack of investment in the non-technical skills of the professionals responsible for complex solution sales. This issue is aggravated when the context involves technologies such as Cloud Computing, SaaS, software in general, where processes, by definition, are faster and more agile. On the other hand, currently, there are a multitude of resources for building and improving sales teams. We understand, however, that these resources are not enough. More and more specific knowledge of the solution is needed, but allied with methodologies and good positioning and sales practices must be present.

We have accumulated more than 20 years of experience as active participants in Sales and Pre-Sales Team of Technology Multinationals such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Siebel, Informix, Comverse, CSG International, Lucent Technologies, BroadVision, Telefonica, among others, and we want to spread good practices and pass on our experiences to our customers.

We are not just another company offering sales courses. If that's what you're looking for, you won't find it here.

   There are hundreds of sites offering courses promising increased sales, talking about goals being exceeded, magical sales recipes with nuances that go through neurolinguistics and, sometimes bordering on magic and even a certain hypnotism of customers through their personal magnetism ... If you look for an easy solution and believe that they exist, you can optimize your time by leaving this page. Good luck in your search, we respect your opinion.

We believe that in consultative sales the "simple" is not easy. Many professionals confuse this. For example: it's simple to lose weight ... Just control your mouth and go to the gym with a certain discipline. It's not easy. But people prefer the easy ... that magic diet, the pills, and even surgery. Sales is no different. In our years working with complex sales, we learned with confidence what works, documented and structured in the form of a methodology called P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T.A.R. which can be understood and used by independent professionals and companies that have a more complex technical sales function.

We seek the success of our customers. Courses and workshops are just one form of interaction to ensure that we are speaking the same language and familiar with the same tools and taxonomy. We want to see professional growth and positive results happening in your professional life and in your company. 

      In addition to workshops and training, we offer follow-up to ensure the quality of execution of what has been learned.

   Katalyse's differential is its constant involvement in consultative sales processes. We go beyond training.

    After all, as you may know, knowledge transfer only does not guarantee a change in behavior ...

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Ivan Luízio Magalhães

Professor of extension and MBA courses at Instituto MAUÁ de Tecnologia, FIPT (IPT - SP), FIAP, FIPE, UnB and Faculdade Sumaré, content coordinator and speaker at ACLARE events, RECRIANDO, TEMPO REAL EVENTOS, IBC, IIR and SUCESU -SP, and specialist in Systems Quality at Telefônica Brasil SA, developing activities related to Corporate Architecture, Information Technology Governance (IT) and Software Quality.


Humberto Beserra

More than twenty years of experience in information technology, solutions implementation, technical pre-sales and consultative sales, in companies in Brazil such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Unisys. He worked in the United States with business development in telecommunication companies like Bell South, ATT and Cingular, coordinating technology partners in Software and O&M.

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