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How to prepare people for unknown challenges?

The Right Stuff (in Brazil, Os Eleitos) is an American film from 1983 directed by Philip Kaufman. The film is a film adaptation of the 1979 eponymous book by Tom Wolfe about the test pilots who were involved in high-speed aeronautical research at Edwards Air Force Base, as well as those who were selected to be Project Mercury astronauts, the United States' first attempted manned space flight.


At a time when the so-called astronauts did not yet exist, it was necessary to "gather" people who had experiences as close as possible to what an astronaut would be: at that time they were fighter pilots.


The film, therefore, presents an analogy that can be used in several situations, especially those in the world of work. Often, for your solution, this similarity is even more important: your offer is not just a new technological wave or another product on the market. It needs new methods of use and adaptation. Or, in other words, existing methods are ineffective in this new context.


The similarity with what we witness today in the area of ​​solution sales was so great that we decided to start this project using the film as a metaphor.

"The people you want to move your solution to your customers do not exist. You have to create them"
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